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LanguageJobSpain ofrece y gestiona programas Au pair (Reino Unido y España) y cursos de español para extranjeros con talleres culturales para jóvenes y adultos en A Coruña, noroeste de España.
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13:11 13 February in Regulations

Our au pair programmes are regulated by European Agreement on au pair Placement sign in Strasbourg the 24th of November of 1969 by the Council of Europe. Spain was included in the agreement the 24th of June of 1988, approved a year later by the Spanish Foreign Office (BOE núm.152 de June 27th 1989).

The European Agreement on au pair Placement states, among others, these regulations:

  1. “Au pair” placement is the temporary reception by families, in exchange for certain services, of young foreigners who come to improve their linguistic and possibly professional knowledge as well as their general culture by acquiring a better knowledge of the country where they are received.
  2. A person placed “au pair” shall render the receiving family services consisting in participation in day-to-day family duties. The time effectively occupied in such services shall generally not be more than five hours per day.
  3. The person placed “au pair” shall receive board and lodging from the receiving family and, where possible, shall occupy a separate room.
  4. The person placed “au pair” shall be given adequate time to attend language courses as well as for cultural and professional improvement; every facility as regards the arrangement of working hours shall be accorded to this end.
  5. The person placed “au pair” shall have at least one full free day per week, not less than one such free day in every month being a Sunday, and shall have full opportunity to take part in religious worship.
  6. Placement “au pair” which shall initially be for a period not exceeding one year, may, however, be extended to permit of a maximum stay of two years.
  7. The person placed “au pair” shall receive a certain sum of money, as pocket money, the amount of which and the intervals at which it is paid shall be determined by the agreement “au pair/family”

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