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LanguageJobSpain ofrece y gestiona programas Au pair (Reino Unido y España) y cursos de español para extranjeros con talleres culturales para jóvenes y adultos en A Coruña, noroeste de España.
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Comments from our au pairs in Spain

Comments from our au pairs in Spain

10:43 09 November in Au pair in Spain, Comentarios y testimonios, Comments and testimonials

We would like to share some of our au pair’s messages…We hope you find them  motivating to come to Galicia!


Katie was placed with a lovely family with three cheerful and cute girls in A Coruña. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience as an au pair/ live-in English tutor. She spent time with the family in A Coruña and San Vicente del mar (O Grove) a beautiful coastal village in “Las Rías Baixas”, North West coast of Spain.

I am leaving on Tuesday afternoon and yes I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and that I am leaving so soon! 

I have loved my time here, I couldn’t have been placed with a better family and the feeling is most definitely mutual about enjoying their company! 

Everything for me has been great, the location of the family house, the fact I went on holiday with the family and all he places I’ve lived in/visited have been so beautiful and so fun!

You have been so helpful with everything as well and it’s great to have someone for support and guidance whilst au-pairing here.


Joe was placed as an English live-in tutor in A Coruña. He was placed in the centre of the city, close to the beach and all amenities. He took Spanish lessons and taught English to a 12 years old girl and her brother a 16 years old teenager 2 months during the summer. He also enjoyed his experience!

Just a quick message to say I’m back in the UK safely, facing up to the realities of going back to uni! 

I really enjoyed my time in Galicia, thanks for all your help and support with everything, I will be getting the word out about what a great experience it is and encouraging my friends to get in touch! 

Hopefully I’ll be back myself at some point!


Jess came over to Galicia during the summer for a change from her English language assistant life in Madrid. She was placed with a lovely and active family in Cambre, outskirts of A Coruña. She immediately clicked with the children and parents (two boys and a girl) and enjoyed every minute of her stay, sharing family life, outings and family gatherings. She experienced a truly cultural and linguistic exchange. We hope to see her again soon…

Today is my last day with Maria’s family and we are all fighting back tears, it’s going to be a tearful goodbye I’m afraid!

I want to say thank you for allowing me this opportunity, I couldn’t have imagined a better summer with as incredible a family! We will for sure be keeping in touch in the future

Maybe next summer I’ll return to Cambre we’ll see!


Carla was a live-in English tutor near San Xenxo, Pontevedra, a very popular destination over the summer due to its beautiful beaches and night life. However she struggled to get the kids’ attention at the beginning, she didn’t give up until she won their trust and the whole family enjoyed the linguistic and cultural exchange. And she certainly enjoyed the home made family food!

Firstly, I would like to say that my au pair experience has been an extremely positive one and made my summer of 15’.

The initial process of applying and getting in touch with the family was simple and well constructed and organised.

My au pair family was absolutely wonderful, especially Clara, the mother, who always made sure I felt comfortable, at ease and relaxed. I have to say that the rest of the members of their extended family were equally lovely, always ready to help.

I believe my task wasn’t an easy one though. As it is summer, children were always very active in their daily activities. As such, they were predominantly surrounded by family and friends who speak Spanish. As they are still very young, Clara and I decided not to establish any concrete activities or hours in which I would constructively teach them English. I do believe that, as you said in the early beginnings, establishing a timetable and some activities would have been easier in terms of my approach with them. Nevertheless, Clara did not wish to force them and we let it be a more relaxing approach. This was wonderful for the children as they weren’t overwhelmed with strict and structured activities.

In terms of the cultural experience, It was all and more than I hoped for. I was familiarised with much of the Spanish customs and traditions. In addition, the family always encouraged me and helped me visit other places and attend events in Galicia for which I was very grateful. And the food prepared by Clara and the rest of the family were extraordinarily good.


Chelsie came all the way from Canada to Oleiros, outskirts of A Coruña. She taught English and looked after three lovely (and very active!) boys. She played sports with them and she won in all wii competitions! And she also was firmed when was needed… Kids (and parents) love her and look forward to sharing next summer together again.

I loved my time here and I’m really sad it is over, Galicia is so beautiful and I love the kids and friends I’ve met.

I hope to be able to come to A Coruña next summer; I miss it and the family so much!

Thanks for everything Carla, I will keep in touch about next year 🙂


The minute I read Amy’s profile and emails I knew she was going to be a great au pair. There was also a perfect family match for her. Beatriz’s family and Amy were made one for each other. Amy stayed in A Coruña with this amazing family from May to November and she fell in love with Galicia and its people. She did experience a fully immersion, linguistically and culturally. We all look forward to meet her again… Hopefully she will pay us a visit this Christmas.

I am great thanks, still in A Coruña so yes I am very much enjoying it!! I have extended my stay until I start a job in London in November… If I didn’t have this to go back to I might never leave haha!! I have loved my time with Betty and her family, the au pair experience has been really rewarding. I have found the Galician people to be very warm and the country is really beautiful… There is a lot to recommend!! I have only positive things to say Hope you are well and also thank you so much for matching me with Betty, I am so grateful.


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