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LanguageJobSpain ofrece y gestiona programas Au pair (Reino Unido y España) y cursos de español para extranjeros con talleres culturales para jóvenes y adultos en A Coruña, noroeste de España.
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Host families

The Au pair in Spain programme is for those families living in Spain who wish to host an au pair or foreign student as part of a linguistic and cultural exchange. The au pair is a young person who collaborates in the care of children, playing with them actively and teaching their culture and mother tongue in a natural and spontaneous way.

Our programmes

General description

This programme is perfect for those families who are looking for alternative childcare options during children summer holidays. The au pair take care of the children while parents are working and teaches them about her/his culture and language.


1 to 3 months.


June, July and August.



General description

This programme is suitable for families who need some extra help with children during Academic Year. The au pair looks after the children in the afternoons and teaches them some English in a spontaneous way.


3 months.


At any time of Academic Year.



General description

This programme is suitable for families who need some extra help with children during the whole Academic Year. The au pair looks after the children in the afternoons and teaches them some English in a spontaneous way.


4 to 8 months.


January and September (starting dates are flexible).



General description

Spanish speaking host families welcome a native speaker of other language in their homes as an exchange of 12 hours of conversational language teaching (English, French, German or Chinese).
The tutor teaches up to 15 hours per week as an Exchange of accommodation and full board.
Families that live in the country side or more isolated areas far from local Spanish schools, may help with weekly travel expenses.
This programme is also suitable for families or adults with no children.

Profile of tutor candidates

Post graduates or undergraduates students from Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and China. These students may have some language teaching experience or related studies. However, teaching experience is not a requirement.
The language lessons are taught in spontaneous and natural way, while sharing family moments, activities, informal conversations and/or table talk.


2 to 9 months.


Academic Year.



Au pair candidate and nationalities

The Au pair is a young student who wishes to learn about a different culture and language. The Au pair is a student full of enthusiasm, willing to help and pleased his/her host family and children.  The Au pairs are eager to learn the Spanish language, about our customs, culture and everything that surrounds them.
Many of them are University students with some informal experience looking after children, either as activity leaders in summer camps, babysitting or just taking care of siblings.
Some of them have a TEFL -Teaching English as a Foreign Language- Certificate.


The 99% of the au pairs we place in our Au pair in Spain programme, are native English speakers: mainly from UK, Ireland, USA and Canada and few from New Zealand and Australia. Recently we have also placed Au pairs from France and China.
The majority of au pairs are female, although the number of male candidates interested in becoming Au pair in Spain increases every year.


The au pair is aged between 18 and 30 years old. The media age of the Au pair we place is around 21-24 years old.

Au pair duties and responsibilities

It is important to understand that the Au pair is not a housekeeper or domestic staff. A person placed au pair shall render the receiving family services consisting in participation in day-to-day family duties. The family host will treat the Au pair as another member of the family.
Here there is a list of some duties that could be provided by Au pairs:

Housework duties

  • Tidy up the house: pick up toys, clear kitchen table after meals and some superficial cleaning.
  • Washing up/ put in or clear dishes from dishwasher.
  • Setting and clearing the table.
  • Cooking easy meals for children.
  • Making children’s bed.
  • Ironing children’s clothes.
  • To keep her/his bedroom clean and tidy.
  • Other: take out the rubbish, do daily groceries, etc.

Children care

  • Waking, dressing and feeding children.
  • Make sure children are groomed and dressed.
  • Take the children for a walk to the park, the beach or taking to the swimming pool.
  • Taking/collecting children to and from school, appointments or outings requested by the host family.
  • Put children in bed.
  • Teaching them English  (or other language).
  • Help them with homework.
  • Playing with them and make them LAUGH and ENJOY her company.

Au pair working hours and Pocket money

The Au pair shall render the receiving family services consisting in participation in day-to-day family duties -children care and housework duties-. The time effectively occupied in such services shall generally not be more than five hours per day or a maximum of 35 hours per week. These hours will be distributed according to the family necessities and type of programme (summer or Academic Year programme).
As an exchange for these services, the Au pair will receive a weekly pocket money (65€- 90€)*:

  • 10-12 hours per week: accommodation and full board (plus 15€ for travel expenses if the family lives in the country side or too far from the city/ language school.
  • 20 hours per week: 65€.
  • 25 hours per week: 70€.
  • 30 hours per week: 75€/ 80€.
  • 35 hours per week: 80€/ 90€.

*includes one babysitting night per week

Au pair placement process

  • 01

    Reception of family’ application form

    - Reception of family application that includes necessities, preferences and contact information about the family. - We contact families back to clarify any possible doubts about the programme and to know the families specific needs to be able to offer the right programme and find a suitable Au pair. - Reception of family photos and “Dear au pair letter”. We analyze family needs and create a family profile.

  • 02

    Selection of suitable Au pair

    - We will study the families’ preferences and will make a selection of suitable au pairs for them (according to their necessities and preferences).- 60€ service fee payment (to be discounted from the total cost). If LanguageJobSpain can’t find you any suitable au pair profile in 30 days, the service fee will be returned. - We will then, send the profile of the selected au pair candidates to the host family, so the family can decide the au pair/s that would like to contact personally.

  • 03

    Au Pair confirmation

    - If the family is interested in an au pair or au pairs, LanguageJobSpain will contact them to confirm they availability.

  • 04

    Contact with Au pair

    - Contact by email. LJS will mediate these emails to avoid language misunderstandings. - Webcam/ Skype interview with Au pair. - Confirmation of interest ( family and Au pair).

  • 05


    Reception of family documents: ID copies.

  • 06


    Payment of the programme.

  • 07

    Placement dates

    Confirmation of placement dates and Au pair- Family Agreement draft (in Spanish and English).

  • 08


    Confirmation of flight details and Au pair arrival arrangements.

Requirements and documentation

 The host families will take an active part to include the Au pair in their family life, promoting and encouraging a Linguistic and Cultural Exchange. The host family will have to provide the au pair full board and lodging (where possible, a separate room). The family will also commit to pay 65€ to 90€ weekly (depending on the au pair duties and responsibilities) as “pocket money”.  

  • 2 or more family pictures
  • pictures of your house/ au pair bedroom
  • “Dear au pair letter in English or Spanish (explaining why you want to host an au pair and describing your family, neighbourhood, what you expect of this experience, etc.)
  • Copy of ID and/or Passport (applicant family member)
  • Copy of  “Libro de familia” or any equivalent document

Other document required to formalize the Au pair/Family relationship:

  • Au pair/Family agreement signed (rights and obligations of the Au pair and the receiving family, will be defined in this Agreement) by the family and Au pair.
  • Acceptance of the General Conditions described in the application.

Responsibilities of host families

  • To receive the Au pair into the family and to let her/him share the daily family life, to treat the Au pair as a family member and include her/him in family meals and outings. The family will do as much as possible to integrate “la persona AU PAIR” and make her/his feel appreciated, promoting a future harmonious co-existence.
  • The family shall provide full board and lodging for the au pair and shall place at her/his disposal a separate suitable room when possible and commit to “pay” a weekly small amount of “pocket money ” ( between 65 € and 90 € ) while staying with family .
  • Taking and collecting the Au pair from/ to the nearest airport or train/bus station on her/his arrival and departure or making the transfer arrangements from/ to the airport.
  • Assist in the adaptation of the person Au pair providing information about the region and neighbourhood, transportation, attractions, activities, social and cultural agenda, Spanish courses, etc.
  • Explain the host family life habits to the Au pair from day one. This is to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations and possible misunderstandings.
  • The family must remember that the Au pair is generally a student willing to improve her/his linguistic knowledge, as well as to increase her/his general cultural, acquiring a better knowledge of the host country. Therefore, the family shall respect Au pair’s working our and free hours.

Payment method (only families)

Au pair Spain 1-3 months and Summer programmes:


Au pair Spain 4-8 months:


Au pair Spain 9-12 months:


Live-in Language tutor (long term):


The total cost will be paid in two steps:
60€ service fee when you send the documentation needed to continue the application steps, the rest once the Au pair placement is confirmed.

Payment method:

– Certified cheque.
– Bank transfer (in Euros).
– Cash in our office or local agent.

VAT included
Rates updated in January 2015
5% discount for families returning to our service.

Assistance and Guaranties

  • Follow up and assistance to family and Au pair
    Family and Au pair handbooks plus Au pair Welcome Pack: includes tips and recommendations, useful information about the region a taylor- made guide about the family’s residence region.
  • Assistance and follow up of the Au pair/ family relation throughout the programme
  • Assistance to Au pair: tips, agenda, au pair network, information about Spanish courses, etc
    Welcome to Au pairs: family and Au pair first impressions
  • LanguageJobSpain will meet with Au pairs on arrival (au pairs placed in A Coruña)
  • LanguageJobSpain will make an au pair change during the first month, as long as the agreement has been fulfill by the family and depending on other au pairs availability.


  • LJS will assist family and Au pair in any misunderstandings that may arise between the parties. LJS will monitor the au pair/ family relationship throughout the programme. LanguageJobSpain will make an au pair change during the first month, as long as the agreement has been fulfill by the family and depending on other au pairs availability.
  • If LJS can not find a suitable Au pair candidate for the family in a 2 months period, LJS will refund the amount paid by the customer.
  • In the case of misconduct or breach of the agreement by the Au – pair, LJS agrees to make a full or partial refund of the cost of the program depending on the circumstances.
  • LJS Au pair programmes are regulated by European Agreement on au pair Placement sign in Strasbourg the    24th of November of 1969 by the Council of Europe. Spain was included in the agreement the 24th of June of 1988, approved a year later by the Spanish Foreign Office (BOE núm.152, June 27th 1989).

Application on-line

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