Language Job Spain | CulturELEmente I. Solsticio y fuego
LanguageJobSpain ofrece y gestiona programas Au pair (Reino Unido y España) y cursos de español para extranjeros con talleres culturales para jóvenes y adultos en A Coruña, noroeste de España.
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CulturELEmente I. Solsticio y fuego

Course description

  • Dates: 13/06/2015 to 23/06/2015
  • Levels: from  B1+
  • Length: 2 weeks
  • Number of students: 4 to 10. If the number of students is less than 4, the number of lessons will be reduced.
  • Registration fee: 35€
  • Lessons and timetable: 36 lessons (45 minutes’ lessons). Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:15p.m with a 15 minutes’ break. June 24th is a local holiday due to celebrations of the summer solstice.
  • Includes: didactic materials, course certificate, information pack, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela guided city tour, welcome tapas, transportation to Santiago de Compostela, didactic excursions. The teaching excursions will be held in the mornings and some afternoons.
    – Getting to know the city (and some “tapas”).
    – Tower of Hércules (Patrimonio de la Humanidad. UNESCO. 2009).
    – Ethnographic museum “Castelo de San Antón”.
    – Castro de Elviña.
    – Santiago de Compostela. (UNESCO 1985 World Heritage)
    – “O gaiteiro”, “A Repichoca”. (Local bars and establishments where to listen and dance traditional live music)
    – Workshop of traditional music (tambourine and/or bagpipe)
    – San Juan’s night (on Thursday 23rd of June). Enjoy and take part of the party and its campfires at the beach together with the teachers and the locals.
  • Other optional activities: Ultimate Frisbee (FREE), surfing (extra charge)