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LanguageJobSpain ofrece y gestiona programas Au pair (Reino Unido y España) y cursos de español para extranjeros con talleres culturales para jóvenes y adultos en A Coruña, noroeste de España.
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About us

LanguageJobSpain (LJS) is made up of a multidisciplinary and international team of philologists, historians, language teachers, fathers, mothers and business people. We represent the different publics because we are part of them. This is why we have a wider vision of our clients’ necessities.
LanguageJobSpain services are about quality, not quantity. The respect to our customers’ necessities, the personalised contact, plus the assistance and complementary services provided, bring an added value to our programmes.
Our aim is to promote language learning and cooperation in a society without frontiers through inter-cultural understanding.
Languages can be a competitive advantage. In a globalized world, investing in language and intercultural skills is a value that would provide a competitive edge to promote prosperity. From the citizens’ perspective, mastering several languages increases employability and allows to choose from a larger number of job offers.


Our mission is to promote a Cultural and Linguistic Exchange between families, young people and adults around the world, providing language learning and cultural immersion.


Our vision is to encourage the cooperation in a society without frontiers while responsible promote a multilingual economy and society.

Our Values

QUALITY: Quality over quantity to provide a specialised and personalised service.
HONESTY: The honesty as our basic tool to build trust. Acting with honesty, integrity and transparency in our daily activities; respect the rights of individuals by accepting and telling the truth.
RESPECT: understand the real needs and necessities of people. Respect as a key- value to achieve a peaceful social interaction.
PROACTIVITY: take an active approach and take the lead in developing creative and bold actions to generate improvements. To take responsibility for making things happen.
COMMITMENT: social commitment to promote cultural awareness in caring society without frontiers.

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