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LanguageJobSpain ofrece y gestiona programas Au pair (Reino Unido y España) y cursos de español para extranjeros con talleres culturales para jóvenes y adultos en A Coruña, noroeste de España.
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Español +

Our Spanish courses Español+ put together language and culture. Español + courses include, cultural workshops, water sports, exchanges with the locals, day trips and other activities that will give you a real view of the Galician and Spanish cultures.
We offer curses throughout the year and we organise cultural courses around specific dates and local celebrations.
We recognize that communication has a social purpose. Our main objective is to help students to develop real communication skills and abilities.


Our courses are based on the Communicative Method. This teaching method includes grammatical and linguistic structures, as well as task- based focus to encourage linguistics and cultural skills. We recognize that communication has a social purpose. Our main objective is to help the student to develop real communication skills and abilities (oral interaction and expression, listening and reading comprehension, and writing expression).

Our human touch

At LanguageJobSpain we are friendly and reliable; we offer a personalised service to our students.
We are not a big school, we know each other and we get personally involved in the activities, giving advice to our students to make their stay the most enjoyable as possible.
Our teachers are well experienced and qualified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Spain and abroad.

Our school in A Coruña

Our classes are held in the city of A Coruña, Galicia. We work along in collaboration with Four Ways language school. The school is ideally situated, in Zalaeta’s borough, a tranquil but centre area, located at 100 meters from beaches (Riazor), close to museums and walking distance from the main tourist attractions.
The school has modern facilities and there are computers with Internet and WIFI available for students.

Courses and Programmes Español +

Standard and intensive Spanish courses

Course description

  • Period: all year
  • All levels (Beginners start every 2 weeks)
  • Length: 1 week minimum (hay que arreglar duración en español)
  • Number of students: 3 to 10. If the number of students is less than 3, the number of lessons will be reduced to 2 hours per day.
  • Standard course: 20 hours (45 minutes’ lessons)
  • Intensive course: 25 hours (45 minutes’ lessons)
  • Timetable: the lessons are held in the morning from 9.30am to 2pm with a 30 minutes break.
  • Registration fee: 35€ (except in one to one courses)
  • Includes: didactic materials, course certificate, information pack, guided city tour, welcome tapas.
  • Other activities:
    • Organized guided activities in A Coruña
    • A Coruña guided city tour
    • Conversational exchanges with the locals


Standard Course (20 hours per week)

1 week    160€
2 weeks   280€
3 weeks    420€
4 weeks    560€
weeks    650€
6 weeks    780€
7 weeks    910€
8 weeks    1040€

One-to-one lessons: 25€/ hour (60 minutes’ lessons)

Intensive Course (25 hours per week)

1 week    210€
2 weeks   380€
3 weeks 570€
4 weeks 760€
5 weeks 900€
6 weeks 1080€
7 weeks 1260€
8 weeks 1440€

Do you want to learn Spanish, but also want to experience more? This is a unique opportunity to mingle with the locals and share a passion.
Our Spanish + Surf course gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish and Surf at the same time. The immersion style program will allow you to learn Spanish in the best way possible!
Lying at 43º 22′ North and 08º 23′ West, A Coruña is an ideal place for water sports like surfing, sailing, diving, fishing or just swimming in the sea and walking round the promenade. Its geography makes it the ideal destination for “surf lovers”.
This is why we have decided to create the Spanish + Surf programme, adding Surf lessons to our Español + Standard and Intensive Spanish courses. We work along with the most passionate and distinguished surfers with more than 20 years of experience. Join us and discover a new world, be on the crest of a wave!

Course description

  • Period: June, July and August and weekends rest of the year.
  • Includes: didactic materials, course certificate, information pack, guided city tour, welcome tapas, , conversational exchanges with the locals.
  • Surf, bodyboard and/or skateboarding lessons: includes 10 hours surf instruction per week, wetsuit and board, RC insurance, souvenir photo album, transportation to suitable surfing beaches.
  • Timetable: Surf lessons are taken in the afternoon or weekends depending on the time of the year.

Price (Surf course + Spanish standard course)

370€/ week.

[Spanish language courses and Galician culture for foreigners]
This is a Spanish Course for foreigners that put together language and culture, organising cultural workshops and day trips. It includes an insight view of the local festivities in Galicia and La Coruña. This programme will give you a real view of the Galician and Spanish cultures. The aim of this course is to experience a linguistic and cultural immersion.
The remnant of thousands of years of history that we can list since the Palaeolithic period, in addition to the knowledge and popular expertise remain alive in traditions, customs, beliefs, popular festivals, musical and literary manifestations that make up the collective ideology and identity of our people.
The aim of theses courses is to offer a direct and immediate experience of our cultural reality that will result in a significant linguistic and cultural immersion.

CulturELEmente I. Solsticio y fuego.

The night of the summer solstice (on June 23rd), night of San Juan, is perhaps the most important festival of the city of A Coruña due to its popularity. 

More information

CulturELEmente II. Del camino y los caminantes.

The day of the Apostle Santiago (on July 25th), it is the patron saint’s day celebrations of the autonomous community, as well as the end of a road of pilgrimage through space and time.
The end of the courses will be marked by each celebration respectively, allowing the student to take part and immerse in the celebrations.

More information
Course descripcions
 Each course will be divided in three topics (the order may vary):

  1. Local history and general knowledge of Galician Culture.
  2. Legends, myths and beliefs.
  3. Festivities and celebrations. Music.

Language contents (communicative, lexical, functional and grammatical) relevant to the proposed level, will be taught simultaneously and included in these topics.

Programme description
 This programme is suitable for young people, students who have a special interest in learning Spanish. The Au pair receives Spanish classes in the morning and looks after the children in the afternoons/evenings in exchange for room, board and pocket money -depending on the number of hours-. This programme ensures a total linguistic immersion.

  • Dates: any time of  year
  • All levels (Beginners start every 2 weeks)
  • Number of students: 3 to 10
  • Lessons: 3 to 8 lessons per week (60 minutes’ lessons)
  • Price: 8€ per hour
  • Have a look at our summer standard and intensive courses

Other courses

Spanish + Cooking, Student Trips, Taylor-made courses. For more information about these courses and programmes, please contact us. Contact us

Home stay Accommodation

Living with a host family will make your cultural and linguistic experience more effective and enriching. Our host-families are families with children, couples without children or individual hosts. Most of them live within walking distance from the school; others live at 10/15 minutes by bus.

Home-stay Accommodation prices per week:

  • Bed and breakfast 140€ (20€/ day)
  • Half board (breakfast + one meal) 175€ (25€/ day)
  • Full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) 210€  (30€/ day)

LJS finds a suitable family for you and charge a 40€ service fee.
If you prefer to live in a hotel, in a hostel or in a dorm get in touch with us and we will help you.

Links to accommodation in A Coruña

Accommodation in General:

Alojamiento in hostels

Application on-line

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